Courtney Kitzman

Courtney Kitzman is a Preteen Residential Lead. She was born in Janesville, WI and moved for her father’s job when she was 9 years of age to the Quad Cities (Illinois/ Iowa border). She was a duel-enrolled student and graduated in 2011. After high school Courtney spent time studying business management. While in college she spent time in the work force to gain experience, where she learned that she was not living out her passion in life. Courtney had her daughter named Anistyn Jayde Louise in 2017. This brought a new meaning in life. Courtney’s states her daughter brought out the best in her and allowed Courtney to see the vision she wanted for her and her daughter. Family means the world to her so she made the arrangements to move to Lake of the Ozark area where her parents retired in 2017. That is when she discovered Calo.” In July of 2018 she was promoted from direct care staff to being Team Lead of the Bears Team. She felt it was her calling to serve a purpose. In her short time at Calo she has gained many amazing relationships with the students, and has seen lives change, including her own. “I have seen myself become a better mom, daughter, and friend.” Courtney is looking forward to years down the road, and all the lives that will be changed along the way.

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Calo has been exactly what our family needed to reinforce the healing and messages we were trying to instill in our daughter at home on our own: ’adults are safe, they care about you and will take care of you, you can relax, let your head down sometimes and just be you, you are important, you have value, you’re worthy and loved.’ We couldn’t teach her that by ourselves, we needed a team, we found it at Calo."

Tiffany S., Calo Parent

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