Cyrus Colter

Cyrus was born in Des Moines, Iowa. He graduated early from Waukee High School, leaving home at a young age, to pursue a life in music. Through the years Cyrus was met with personal challenges and in the darkest hour found a life in service. Since then, Cyrus has had the opportunity to talk to, work with, and speak in front of thousands of people in an attempt to help these individuals overcome addiction. Cyrus also had the opportunity to teach metaphysics to high school students (grades 9-12) at local schools, helping young men and women find their inner strength through self-discovery. Cyrus is happy to continue his journey here at Calo.

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Calo has been exactly what our family needed to reinforce the healing and messages we were trying to instill in our daughter at home on our own: ’adults are safe, they care about you and will take care of you, you can relax, let your head down sometimes and just be you, you are important, you have value, you’re worthy and loved.’ We couldn’t teach her that by ourselves, we needed a team, we found it at Calo."

Tiffany S., Calo Parent

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