Calo Preteens offers a fully accredited, teacher-led, upper elementary and middle school.

The Intermediate School consists of 4 classrooms. During the spring and fall semesters, students rotate between classes of History, Language Arts, Science, and Math and have electives of art, PE, and writing. During the summer term, we focus on the enrichment of Language Arts and Math and introduce a variety of adventures electives: photography, programming, fitness, ecology, and more. As all students learn differently, we use different instructional modalities of instruction so that we can engage all types of learners. Classes are broken into 45 minute class periods facilitated by the teacher, with frequent breaks for play and work with canines. Classes are broken apart by gender and grade level as well as academic functioning ability.

Classrooms at the Calo Intermediate School are sensory friendly. In other words, we understand the learning involvement is just as important as the curriculum. All of the classrooms at the Intermediate School were designed in conjunction with an occupational therapist to assist in calming and engaging the learner. Students also have sensory tools and fidgets to help keep busy hands and bodies in the classroom to learn.

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Joint Commission Accredited
NATSAP Accredited
Missouri Social Services Approved
AdvancED Accredited