Calo Preteens offers a fully accredited, teacher led, upper elementary and middle school.

All teachers are special education certified, working in 5 classrooms. Three of the classrooms are self-contained classrooms, with a variety of “stations” within them (reading, math, science), focusing particularly on hands-on projects as the primary mode of learning.  Although the daily schedule is orchestrated and controlled by the teacher, students generally work in blocks of time equal to 30-45 minutes, with frequent breaks for play and work with canines.
Two of the classrooms are reserved for older students. One is a math/science classroom and the other is a language arts/social studies classroom.  Students move between these two classrooms, as preparation for high school or for middle schools in the home school districts. Teachers also plan in 30 to 45-minuteblocks, with breaks between for activity, canine work, or transitions between classrooms.
Single gender education includes vocational education and “service learning” opportunities for students.  In addition, Calo offers music, art, and PE classes as part of the regular school day.  “Genius hour” is a schoolwide part of the curriculum and students regularly research their interests, posting the results of study on Youtube.
To build upon the Central Missouri environment, school curriculum uses the theme of “environment” as a way to unify the curriculum. For example, English class might focus on nature writing; while history focuses on Missouri history, and science focus on the hands on study of caves (since Central Missouri has thousands of caves) and the creation of manmade lakes and ams (through studying Bagnell Dam at Lake of the Ozarks). All academic units of study culminate in hands-on projects; for example, biology might study canines or growth of vegetables in a garden. Because the environment is the focus of study, outdoor adventure is a big part of the academic curriculum as well as therapy and is incorporated regularly into the school day.

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This has been the most helpful intervention in the 10 years Santiago has been in our family. "

Susan S., Calo Parent

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