Calo Occupational Therapy Scope of Practice

At Calo Preteens, therapeutic evaluation and intervention are provided by a state licensed and national board certified Occupational Therapist (OT), employed full time to Calo. The department is supported by an Occupational Therapy Aide who is trained by the OT. Therapeutic interventions are implemented on a group level, are assessed monthly in a collaborative process with the child, his/her caregiver, and care team to determine outcome measures, frequency, and duration of service. Individual sessions implemented are based on the level of need.

Occupational therapy evaluation and intervention focus on factors affecting the child’s functioning and independence in his/her occupations in the home, school, and play environments. A child’s occupations include play, learning, peer interaction, and self-care skill development. Intervention techniques utilized are based on clinical reasoning, theories of occupational therapy practice, and evidence-based practice. Intervention techniques include but are not limited to:

  • Sensory integration and modulation techniques
  • Education of caregivers, child, and family members
  • Weekly groups facilitating increased social skills and body awareness
  • Normal development of fine and gross motor skill activities
  • Visual motor development tasks
  • Occupation based activities
  • Zones of Regulation Curriculum
  • Adaptive equipment or tools for regulation
  • DDP: Use of PACE in practice

Therapy is provided throughout the child’s areas of occupation at the Calo facility. Therapy services are provided Monday through Friday.

Who is served through Occupational Therapy:

Children who experience delays, or are at significant risk for delays, in any area of development which negatively affects his/her functional performance and ability to participate in home, community, or school activities.

Children enrolled in Calo Preteens Program will receive a screening and further evaluation as needed.

  • The screening process is completed to allow for insight into the individual’s needs within the residential and school environment.
  • Financial responsibility is already inclusive in the standard rate; Occupational Therapy is NOT an additional cost nor will it be billed to families as such.
  • Meeting sensory needs is part of Calo’s therapeutic model.
  • A physician order is established as needed with an evaluation completed and identification noted of the need for intervention.
  • Education and treatment options will be established by an Occupational Therapist and physician as needed.

In our preteen program, we use the Zones of Regulation visual as a way to encourage students to increase awareness of their physical and emotional states. We first work on general awareness, then on being able to communicate their current physical/emotional state, and then we are able to put all the pieces together to make more concrete changes.

Sensory Supports

For additional support and exercise of Occupational Therapy techniques, each student has opportunities to spend time in the Sensory Gym. The Sensory Gym is located in the Occupational Therapy office and was constructed to encourage relaxations while promoting growth. While in the sensory gym the students will work on their current goals with Occupational Therapy staff, and will also be allowed to play and explore. Some of the many tools located within the sensory gym are bouldering walls, platform swing, air walker swing, balance boards, fidget tools, hygiene tools, as well as writing and learning supports.

Occupational Therapy at Calo strives to be integrated into each of the student’s day to day activities. To provide sensory supports throughout the day, each team has a “Regulation Backpack”. The Regulation Backpacks are a system where each student will have access to specific sensory and fidget tools that they can access during the day when they are requiring additional input to get to a place of regulation or calm.

How To Contact Calo

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