In order for someone to receive comfort under stress or support for exploration (emotional distress integration), they must have an established care giving system with a

commitment and set goal of sensitive and responsive efforts to protect the physical and emotional wellbeing of another person.
        John Bowlby

TThe Caregiver is the agent of relational security and healing for children suffering with developmental trauma. The Caregivers consistency, compassion, empathy, reliability, and ability to attune makes it possible for shame to dissolve and co-regulation and healing to occur. All of us at Calo Preteens are Caregivers, first and foremost. You, the Parent, are a Caregiver, first and foremost. When we are all, together, predictable, patient, and kind yet firm we become safe and secure to the child. The world then becomes safe and secure. And your child is able to heal.

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